Looking for affordable Drum Lessons? (PRO RECORDING STUDIO)

  • Music Lessons $50.00

So you want to learn drums!... GREAT!

What better place to learn to play the drums than at a pro recording studio?
What better way to learn to play the drums than with a pro drummer?

At Writes Recording Music Lessons you get BOTH... You get private 1 on 1 lessons in a pro recording studio WITH a pro drummer.
The live room (see picture below) is where the drum lessons will take place. If you are coming with a friend or parent they can comfortably watch you from the control room.

Our prices are just $50 AN HOUR (if you book more than 7 hours a month we discount it for just $40 an hour!) for a private 1 on 1 drum lesson.
We guarantee you won't find a better deal on drum lessons than that...

Call to schedule a drum lesson or to further talk about what we offer!