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Bob The Magic Guy - Magic For Smart People
Highly acclaimed magic shows for adult or children events, stage or parlor magic.

I promise you an entertaining, engaging, age-appropriate show at a fair price.

"Watching Bob perform his magic brought me back to being a kid again. I was not only entertained with Bob's presentation but I was brought to a place were I believed in the impossible again. Grandparents as well as children are entertained and captivated with Bob's magic and personal style. " G.P., N. Woodstock, NH.

Bob is an amazing magician and very friendly performer! He was on time and professional. His illusions were exciting and varied from rope tricks to exciting mentalist tricks. Not only is he a talented magician, he is also a comedian. His jokes had the crowd in stitches. I hope to hire him for another birthday party, perhaps even my 29th birthday. (Hired me for her 28th birthday) C. Spinelli, Cambridge, MA

The SOMERVILLE NEWS wrote: "Self proclaimed as "Magic For Smart People," the performance did not disappoint. The entire audience was baffled by Bob's sleight of hand, and his witty jokes in between kept even the most skeptical viewers entertained. . . . This sometimes psychic, always entertaining trickster clearly knows his craft and how to use it to the audience's delight."

International Brotherhood of Magicians, Officer
Society of American Magicians
A-Rated on Angie's List