• Sport Lessons $30.00

Philippine Stick Fighting Lessons. Arnis/Escrima. Long time Reno instructor, Master Jeff Collins, 6th degree black belt, offers private or group lessons and seminars for martial arts studios. Master Collins is the premier stick fighting instructor in this area, with over 38 years experience. Appointed commissioner of Arnis for state of Nevada by Professor Remy Presas.

This is a complete system of armed and unarmed self-defense. Included in the armed techniques are applications employing single and double sticks, staff, knife, cane, and various bladed weapons. The unarmed techniques encompass striking, throwing, hand trapping, locking, stick disarming, gun and knife disarming. The practitioner can readily switch from stick to knife to empty hand. Arnis encompasses elements of other martial arts such as Tai Chi, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Kun Tao, Silat, and Gung-Fu. It is a multi-faceted martial art.

Private lessons are $30/hr. Group lessons are $69. for 6 weeks.
Also teaching KOSHO SHOREI KEMPO, TAI CHI, TAEKWON-DO, PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENSE, AND RAPE PREVENTION. I have been teaching women's self-defense and rape prevention since 1982.
6th. Degree Black Belt Arnis/Escrima, 6th. Degree Taekwon-Do, 1st.Degree Kempo.