MATH/SCIENCE/ENGLISH TUTORING - One on One help w/ Homework, Exams &am

  • Private Tutoring $20.00

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am a pre-med college student and I offer private tutoring services. I have experience tutoring students for exams, standardized tests, homework, reading etc. I have volunteered in elementary schools as well as in libraries tutoring students of all ages. I am currently in the process of getting my Bachelor of Science in Biology and I am also tutoring students at my university. I provide tutoring for the following:

- Elementary School students
- Middle School students
- High School students
- College Freshmen & Sophomore students
- Non-students looking for academic assistance to improve their work etc.


- Science: Biology, Earth Science, Living Environment, elementary, middle school, and high school science courses, General Chemistry 1, Common Core

- Math: Pre- Calculus and Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, College & High School Calculus 1, elementary, middle school, and high school math courses, Common Core

- English: Help with writing essays, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, English lessons to non- English speakers, elementary, middle school, and high school English courses, Common Core

**I am tutoring students that need help with exams, homework, standardized tests, writing essays, etc. in the subjects and grades mentioned above.** I also help with study tips/college advice/guidance in academics etc.

Fees (per hour): $20 *Your FIRST hour is FREE!!