MECHANIC/TECHNICIAN/MOBILE. Brakes $100 front or rear Disc or drum

  • Auto Repair Services $100.00

Hi my name is Jeff, I have more then ten years experience in the auto industry as a technician.
Foreign and Domestic. dealership experience, ASE certified!!! You buy the parts, I install them, Its that simple!

Brakes 100 bucks front or rear Disc or drum!Valve cover gaskets under Intake manifold 250 Bucks - 4 cylinders 100 Bucks, C/V Haft shafts 150 bucks a side (most vehicles) ! Install Alternators 80 bucks ( most vehicles)!

Install Tune ups 4 cylinders 60 bucks,V6 100 bucks, V8 120 bucks (some vehicles cheaper), Belts and Hoses 60 bucks, Radiators 120 bucks, Timing belts and water pumps 300 bucks, Head gaskets 600 bucks, OBDII Diagnostics 60 bucks! In tank Fuel pumps 200 bucks( most vehicles).

All makes, all models. Mobile services are available!
Call. Thanks.