Mikey's PC & Mobile Repair. $50 Flat Rates!

  • Computer Repair $50.00

PC Running Slow/Sluggish? Call Mikey! :)
$50 Flat Rate PC & Mobile Repairs and Services:

*Most jobs qualify for Flat Rate Services. If more work needs to be done I am able to get it Done Cheap Done Right because I do what from home.

Windows 10 was recently released and if you just bought a new PC then that's what you have but may be at a speed bump on the NEW System. I can do a bit of tutoring while optimizing, protecting, and servicing your PC.

-Virus Removal & Protection
-Spyware Removal & Protection
-Wireless Networks
-Internet Connections & Troubleshooting
-Software & Hardware Installation
-Crash & Data Recovery
-Desktops, Laptops, All-In-Ones, Netbooks, etc.
-Mobile Device Repair
-Mobile Device Data & Crash Recovery -Mobile Upgrades & Custom Installations

$50 Flat Rate Services
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
19 years Experience...!!!