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Doberman auto repair - brake jobs $20 each side front , oil change $ 25 includes oil, transmission exchange, engine exchange , replace of oil pan gasket, replace of flywheel, water jacket, replace of water pump, replace of cylinder head, and cylinder head gasket, camshaft, valves, replace of oil pump, timing belts , and all other internal parts ..

Auxiliary units or systems, include the fuel system. The fuel pump , injectors, connecting tubing, tank and fuel gauge. The generating system , generator, battery, regulator, switches, lights. Ignition system, distributor, coils, condenser, spark plugs and high-tension wiring. The starting system, starting motor , starting motor control, cables and wiring necessary to complete the system; transmission oil change, suspension repairs, lower ball joint, Lower arm bushings, Upper ball joint, Shock Absorber , Stabilizer bar, Struts, Power steering pump, Tie rods, emission test ,oil change ,exact diagnosis ,and repairs I fix it in your place ,or my place, your satisfaction is our goal. send me the , model and year of the car, and what is the problem?

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