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Hair can be made longer, fuller or both! A bad haircut as well as a chemical cut (from bleach/lighteners breaking off your natural hair) can be resolved instantly. Highlights or a combination of highs and lows can be created without using chemicals that damage the natural hair. Highlighting is also beneficial to clients who can't pull that certain color blonde that they are wanting, or for pregnant women who are trying to avoid using harsh chemicals. Waiting for that annoying bob to grow out can be avoided, "Hooray!"

Although some believe extensions are high maintenance, in reality they can actually save a lot of time spent styling. The natural hair gets a break by not having to style and process it as much. The extension strands are individually placed, which creates movement that stimulates the scalp and best of all, promotes hair growth! Many of my "extension newbies" decide they love hair extensions and continue wearing them after trying them for the first time. Imagine having the world's thickest hair created by the smallest extension system in the land! Fairy Hair now makes your Fairy Tale Hair dreams come true!

All hair types are welcome:)

Pricing includes full installation + HAIR !!
-Fusion Extension Installment - $675
-Micro link Extension Installment - $675
-Tape-in Extension Installment - $625

This price includes Hair and full installment!
*A custom blended cut is included to make sure your natural hair flows flawlessly with your new extensions
*You can sleep with these extensions in, as well as wash and brush your hair from the scalp

-wear your hair up/tie your hair back without the extension being seen
-curl your extensions
-flat iron your extensions
-scrunch your extensions
-deep wave your extensions
-swim in the pool or at the beach
-wash your extensions just as you would your natural hair!

I am a qualified hair extension technician, certified through numerous extension companies such as Dream Catchers, Babe, Donna Bella, etc. and of course, a licensed cosmetologist.

I am available: weekdays and weekends, early mornings, mid-day or late-afternoon, and even LAST MINUTE to install, readjust or remove your extensions.


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