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Hey Everyone, I Currently have a car detailing business by the name of mobishine luxury car detailing, it's a luxury service and this company truly believes that when you purchase your vehicle and you drive off the lot or wherever you obtain your new vehicle it needs to be taken care of!

From that day forward on a consistent basis you're always in your car, getting to a and b, so why not feel like a million bucks while you are driving to each destination? :) We don't care if you are going on a late night 7/11 run, we want you to feel amazing every time you start that car and you know your car is clean and detailed and looking great! That is the feeling we want to share with you!

We want our customers to feel like they are on top of the world as they are in their vehicle and we want their car to shine, as they're proceeding down each and every turn. Most people simply wash their car themselves or get a machine wash. This actually damages the paint and can create scratches and swirl marks and if the paint is not truly cared for can oxidize and rust.

Our process not cleans the paint itself and instead of simply running water over it, it removes contaminants and protects your invest. If you truly think about it, every car needs to be detailed and cared for. Take a look as you drive each and everyday, not washed but detailed. So if you are in need of a detail job and your in the San Gabriel Valley please feel free to give me a call and without a doubt guarantee you'll fall in love with our job and the bond between you and your vehicle will be restored as if you brought it all over again!

I will answer further questions, thank you and remember the feeling of when you feel in love with your car when you first bought it :)
JUST GIVE ME A CALL TODAY! You won't be disappointed.