• Driving School $150.00

Hello, my name is Christopher Xavier Lozano, I have been a highly dedicated fun loving passionate motorcycle, unicycle, bicycle rider since very young.

Certified Motorcycle safety training instructor, 45+ yrs experience racing dirtbikes all through teens to never be without a bike sense riding full time in all conditions thick of traffic, rain to ice, US ARMY Japan to L.A. Rush Hour.

FUN & SAFETY FIRST Motorcycle Training for everyone from Younger to Older riders, street to dirt. We will cover all motorcycling tactics from offensive to defensive. How to fall safely on dirt-bikes to the safe sane proper place to do wheelies. However most important in all my training classes ~ SAFETY 1st Over all techniques trained to be good habits,

Class's are priced per size so invite friends and family to join us.
Larger the class the lower your class fee. $150 - 250 a class of 4 - 8 students.

PRIVATE ONE ON ONE CLASS's AVAILABLE $600 a full class schedule or 150 a day

2 "CLASS" Days & 2 "Hands On Riding" Days.
Bring your own bike for complete proper training however, No bike, No problem, we also have our special CHIPS Dirt bike, (pictured here in Ad), With this bike you will learn to drop it on purpose in OUR FALLING CLASS and pickup again

For booking class's and or more questions or qualifications, feel free to call me anytime. LOVE TO TALK BIKE.