Moving? / VETERANS LOOKING FOR WORK (no truck)

  • Moving $25.00

We are Veterans(USAF/USN/USMC, offering Affordable....Efficient...(Over 20 years experience.).and Friendly Movers to....
Load /Unload your rental truck/ ABF Trailer/POD...
One piece or entire house.

One man $25 HR..Two men $50 HR.. 2 hour Minimum..
Please call Dave ... .

Thank you for your support!
Think of us as people you know who can provide you with labor and moving experience to help you DIY's (DO IT YOURSELFERS) get your move done...since we are not kin or need to pay us!!

We are not a moving company...we don't have a truck...we are not rip offs... liars... theives. Just Veterans looking to make an honest buck..