Need an Interior Decorator on a Budget?

  • Interior Designer

"Need an Interior Decorator?" On a budget?
I'm a professional Interior Decorator that is looking for something to do after retirement. I have helped the rich and famous along with casinos decorate their rooms and turned them into exactly what they wanted and liked. I love to decorate and it's my lifelong passion. Let me help you pull it all together.

I'm extremely well on a tight budget. You will be immensely surprised on how amazing of a job I can do for cheap.
I've redecorated many homes to sell and they always sell to the first person!
I know how to compete with the professionals that charge you an arm and a leg. I can find whatever you are in need of! And save you money guaranteed! I know how to shop and where to shop. I find what you need and deliver it in my truck to your home or office making life less complicated.

Call Cassie!
So if you have on room or a whole house I am your girl.