• House Cleaning

Hello beautiful California,

My name is Paula. I have been cleaning in beautiful California for 5 years now. All the way from Ventura, Simi Valley, Los Angeles, Malibu, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Temecula, Riverside, etc. Taking care of families for 5 years and going. Cleaning from Condos, Suites, Vacant Vacation Homes, Offices, Apartments, Retail Stores, etc. For me, my business has strong personal relationships, since integrity has always been what my business represents. I uphold the highest of standards when it comes to house cleaning. I provide all general basic cleaning material and equipment. If you require a special chemical or material, you provide. Some of my clients tend to say I'm a little O.C.D, but perfection is a must. I offer professional and detailed house cleaning for an affordable price. Seating is limited so please feel free to contact me at any time. Call ahead to schedule, Thank You for your time.

Move-Ins and Move-Outs, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Rarely on Call.
Washing Dishes, Window Cleaning, Washing and Drying Clothes not included. If you require, there is an additional charge.