• Gutter Cleaning

The heavy rains have you thinking about having your gutters cleaned? With 5 years of experience behind us, you have come to the right place. Whether it's a simple annoyance like a company no-show and subsequent MIA or the horror of discovering your gutters debris 'blown' out of the gutters in the hurry to get through the job, you can rest assured PDX Gutter Cleaning won't be the cause of concern for you. We will perform each task diligently, and with the care and profession your hard earned money deserves. And besides, we want your business next year...

It's simple, Call, and I can most often get you a quote in 5 - 10 minutes using my phone and Google Maps. If moss removal is involved, detailed descriptions and/or photo's will expedite the process and get you a quote that much faster.

Services we perform:
*** Gutter Cleaning
*** Moss Removal
*** Roof Cleaning
*** Downspout Repair
*** Window Cleaning

Concerns or Questions? Were happy to talk to you about them. Just give us a call, and if I am not able to answer right away, leave a voicemail and some time to return it please. I am happy to describe the processes we use and we are always happy to provide references upon request!

PDX Gutter Cleaning