Personal Shopper / Assistant for Errands, Shopping, Flowers

  • Housekeeping

Ancillary services:
House Cleaning, Home Organization, Laundry, Shopping, Cooking, Errands, Event Planning, Apartment / House Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning.

Michelle and her team are dedicated and committed to helping their clientele with the greatest amount of effort and discretion. Keeping your privacy and getting the work done.

Gimmiealist offers a unique service. Gimmiealist could mean anything from cleaning, to running your errands. dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, running to the post office to get off that important package, to arranging your perfect vacation plans. Get some of your filing done. Clean up your office, Etc. Etc. You name it Gimmiealist GETS IT DONE!!!!!

Need the house cleaned, no problem we can do it all for you and organize your house as well. If you have no sense of organization no worries, Let us figure it out. We will take care of you.

Are you a little behind on laundry? Or do you need some pre-cooked meals / food prep for the week? We can do that; lets talk grocery shopping, laundry detergent and menu. Where's the Apron?