• Personal Trainers $100.00

I have 31 years experience with proven results, and truly have a passion for fitness and nutrition. I specialize in body sculpting. I'm soft-spoken, polite, down-to-earth, a consummate professional.

If your trainer does not "look the part" they either cannot or will not follow their own advise; or they do but their advise isn't sound. How can she/he lead you to a place where they have not been before? The above pics were taken of me in August 2015 at age 45. This isn't rocket science folks - if I can do it YOU can too.

The recipe is simple - equal parts: correct training, correct nutrition, and time; however, it isn't easy to execute. Let's do this together. Train with someone who has the knowledge and can help you find your inner passion to achieve your goals.

From beginner to advanced. At your home or your gym.

--$100 per session (and all clients receive free and unlimited nutritional advice).
--Nights and weekends in the Newburyport area, and surrounding towns.

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