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Train with Juan "The Animal" Cabrera

No matter if you've never worked out before or if you're an all-star athlete, Juan can push you to do anything you want to do to meet your fitness goals.

Train at Hit Fit gym in Nob Hill or the location of your choice.

Here's a little bit about him:
Juan has studied just about every form of martial arts known to man. Kenpo Karate, eight years of Japanese-style Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu. He has fought in kickboxing and boxing matches as an amateur fighter, and earned the ring name The Animal. He holds a professional boxing license as well as an amateur boxing coaching license. His style of teaching is much like his style of training: intense. "I believe every person can do whatever they want but they are their own enemy keeping them from doing what they want." He loves to help people realize they can do anything--with hard work and pushing their bodies as much as possible. "Don't let your mind tell you what to do, you tell your mind what you want to do."