• Personal Trainers $10.00

I'm a national certified personal trainer that works in the Downey/Bell gardens area. Im here to offer you both 1 on 1 training and also group/boot camp training every weekend . I have experience working at la fitness for over a year and specialize in weightloss, strength and power, muscle toning, weight gain, flexibility, body mechanics,muscle building, sports enhancement and also offer meal/nutrition plans!

I do my training at a private gym that doesn't require a gym membership nor will you be working with anyone but me. I do not charge a enrollment fee to start training like most gyms do and have monthly contracts only NOT YEARLY like most. Which means I only ask you to commit for 1 month(4weeks). The New year is almost here why wait? it's a fact people can gain 1-5 pounds over the holidays, we can avoid that by starting early. Get a head start on reaching your health and fitness goals! I'm offering a FREE 1 on 1 training session to those of you who are interested in how I go about my training and would also be a great way to see what you'd be investing in as well as check out the awesome gym!

Don't forget to ask me about my group training/boot camps a great way to get in shape with a friend or group for only $10 per person! Both group trainings and 1 on 1 sessions for a full hour not 30 mins like at la fitness. Rates vary on how many times I will be seeing you per week but over all VERY AFFORDABLE! ...