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Hey lovely couple!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
I am Gregory, a photographer, artist, husband, and father for two beautiful daughters.

Commimg from an artist family, I was also blessed with a creative soul. I'm privileged to use my talents as my full-time job. I've been in the wedding business for over 10 years. I love to learn and grow in the job I love. As a result I've been attending multiple art and photography lessons taught by great artists. I'm a strong believer that continual grouth is the only way to succeed.

Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of your love, and the beginning of a new life together. My mission is to reliably and unobtrusively capture all the spontaneous joy, beauty, and emotion that you, your families, and your friends will share on this day in photographs. I treasure people and their unique stories and love to document them through photography. It's my desire to make my clients comfortable infront of the camera, so I can capture the emotions in a natural way. To do this, I use the latest digital technology, and guarantee personal service to fulfill all your needs.

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day. It is important to feel comfortable with the photographer, as you will be spending a great deal of time with him or her. I consider myselves a "journalistic wedding photographer'', meaning that I'm ready at all times to capture the moment without unnecessarily interruptions to the flow of your event. I can capture every step of the day, starting from the time you are getting ready until the last ''good by''. I'm at your desposal. It's your day and your story.

With each wedding, my goal is to photograph the day so that a couple and their families can treasure the memory again and again. For me, that means understanding your vision, your personal style, and your individual needs. I like to make every wedding and photo session different and inimitable, because Every person is unique and special. I try to find your style and help you express it in a new way. Some of my photo session styles are strict and classical, showing the elegance of figures and the depth of feelings, while others are light and soft which reflect sunshine and tenderness of your soul. In some pictures, I like to portray the impetuous act of colors, while in others lightness and dream.

Also, I work with natural sun rays as well as with simulated and prearranged light to create beautiful, illuminated photographs. The quiet play of light is what inspires me. there is something magical about the way the sun and wind play together to create a perfectly elegant love story.