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Dear Piano Owner,
Treat your ears and piano to a fresh tuning. A piano that has been tuned and is working properly is a piano that gets played!

I tune all sizes and makes of pianos and tune aurally, i.e. "by ear", to achieve a warm and organic sound. An appointment is scheduled at a convenient time for both parties and a thorough piano tuning takes me approximately 3 hours. As a professional musician and educator I have discerning ears and leave your piano sounding fantastic. You will appreciate the extra care that I give your piano!

My clients include professional musicians, recording studios, schools, churches and other organizations, etc.

Mechanical issues with the piano can be assessed during the tuning. Sometimes a sticky key just needs a little attention! Arrangements can be made if more extensive repairs are needed outside the scope of a regular tuning. I can handle all aspects of regulation, repair, cleaning and restoration.

Thank you,
Dustin Adams