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Portland Stump Grinding is a family operated business (Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter).

We have grinders that can do any job you have:

1) The smallest will climb steps and only needs a 29 inch path to the stump
2) The 60TX (track grinder on the trailer) is what we use on most jobs. It is a remote control , 60 hp, track driven machine that can go through a 36 inch wide opening.
3) the 1152 (parked on a stump in the photo) is our latest addition. It is a remote control, 6 wheel drive, 110 horse power machine that can also get through a 36 inch tight spot. We use this machine on monster stumps or jobs where there are several large stumps. This tool enables us to do jobs where there has been land clearing.

Our prices are very competitive (usually lower than the legitimate business' out there).

Thank You
Doug Gillum