Prestige Lawn Mowing At Reasonable Prices

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Mowing Is At The Heart Of Our Business.
We Take Great Pride In Providing The Best, Most Reliable Service In Wichita And Surrounding Area.
We Only Use The Best High-Quality Equipment. And Keep All Equipment Meticulously Maintained So No Added Stress From Dull Mower Blades Is Ever Transferred To The Yard & Lawn's We Maintained. Our Blades Are Sharpened Every Day To Ensure A Proper "Clean Cut".

We Bag All Clipping For Our Customer To Make Sure That There Is Not A Build Up Of Thatch And We Feel That It Is Just A Cleaner, Tidier Look.
Nothing Gives Us More Satisfaction Than Leaving Our CUSTOMER'S LAWN With That "PERFECT STRIPED" Look, Much Like The Outfields Of Major League Baseball Stadiums. The Stripes Are Created When We Change Directions Each Week We Mow. We Do This For Two Reasons Just Simple Esthetic And The Other Is Better On Your Lawn To Help Reduce Soil Compaction And General Wear And Tear.

Our Basic Service Includes:
*Bi-Weekly And Weekly Mowing
*Edging(along driveways,sidewalks,patio, etc.)
*Trimming(around trees, mailboxes, ect.)
*Blowing(all driveways, sidewalks, patios to blown off after each service)
*Hauling away all Clipping.

At Reasonable Prices