Pro Ukulele & Guitar Tech. setup/repair/electronics installations

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Professional Ukulele/Guitar technician and luthier offering services.
Years of experience, worked on 30,000+ instruments and counting.

Satisfaction guaranteed, if I cant deliver or there is any issue with the work preformed, I will be happy to arrange a full or partial refund. I stand behind my work and don't take any instrument that I dont feel that I can achieve the results you will be satisfied with.

Right now I am offering all of the work listed below, there is no separate cost to each, I do a lot of the little extras for free with any setup. Exact price will be quoted after full assessment is made on the instrument :)

Pickup/electronics installation
Strap button installations
Tuner installations & retrofits (when applicable)
Fretboard dressing
Fret leveling/re-crowning/smoothing
Fretboard conditioning
Nut slot adjustments
Saddle/string height adjustments
Intonation adjustments
trussrod-neck adjustments
finish/cosmetic repairs
Overall maintenance and tune-up w/cleanup and pro finish buffing (gloss models)

Aloha, Joel