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Professional painters, who are really know their job, will repair, prime and paint your: rooms, kitchen cabinets and restore your furniture. Skim coat and drywall repair, drop ceiling installation and popcorn removal. We are using only the best and proper stuff and paint.

You don't need to worry about peeling or chipping paint anymore. Protect your home with high quality work without overpaying for a labor. Brush, roller or spray - we advice, you choose.
Hundreds houses of experience and friendly team, great price and excellent work will make you happy.
Estimates are free. Call Igor.

Exclusive services. Create your unique room with real professional pictures painted on your wall. Make a present to your beloved, spouse or kids. Make your accent wall, even more accent. Divide your two colors on the wall with a picture, not just with corner. Projection technology do not give any chance for mistake. Almost any picture may be transferred on your wall. Limit - is only your imagination. All pictures is 100% hand painted.