• House Cleaning

Hi there. I don't have to work I'm semi retired and engaged. But I miss the gratification of the before and after I get a single family home or condo or apt. Or any trailer or motor home back to its original luster. I have been doing clean outs for 20 yrs. And I can't think of a time when a client hasn't been amazed.

I come alone on time and ready to work. I usually give
A list of supplies and materials and equipment I need obtained to conclude the matter in a day.
I'm 20.00 an hour. And I get paid when I finish at the jobsite I clean at. Tips are a usual because of the impressive inspection you will take thru your amazing rental or income property.

I don't do Windows but I can for a negotiable fee it's a seperate task.
Carpet cleaning is available too it is also separate and negotiable.

Must have power and warm water. I don't work at night unless it's absolutely urgent. Preferably use my references I am currently servicing at this time, upon request only.