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I have kids. I like tools like some people like drugs or alcohol, just my addiction is TOOLS!

I have a great job that pays well but who doesn't need extra money? This is why it's your lucky day. Yup, I said it now that you want Tile, Wood flooring, Paint, bathroom or kitchen renovated, or something you and I know I can do call me and love me. I have been doing Tile, Marble and Stone for 20+ years.

I picked up Wood floors 10 years ago and just kept on getting good at all I offer. I'll be honest if I don't do it or think I can't handle it. we other don't need stress. especially me with 3 kids!

I hear everyone does tile nowadays and I seen guys that have said that. Hired some real winners! I guess they all can't be professional and good at what they do. Good thing for you, I do! My reputation has been walked on for years and is still being walked all over.. ( Tile, wood flooring pun)

My Name is Sean.
After you call and I meet you'll know my last name insurance Info and all the other great things you want to know.

Please don't waste my time if your crazy either. Only call if you want your job done right. if you want the cheapest price then you'll probably pay slightly more than that for a professional that comes with his own tools, helper if needed and when I leave you'll never think I was there.