Ron's Professional tree care (safe trees have been injure)

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Professional care for your trees. Complete, year round tree care. Fully insured (policy is for tree care, not landscaping like many "low cost companies") be sure to get copy from contractor. We carry workers comp ins. ( no low cost companies do, and it is a state law they have to have it). Homeowner will be responsible for any damage to other properties, utility lines, personal injuries, etc. if contractor does not have proper ins. and state workers comp coverage.

We employ I.S.A. Certified Arborists, and Certified Tree care Safety Professionals. We care about our workers, and provide the federally required hearing protection, hardhats, boots, etc. Beware of the contractor who wears none of this, and some advertise pictures of these O.S.H.A. violations on their ads. We provide professional pruning, not cut off some limbs and that's a trim, or topping a tree, anyone who does this is uneducated and not a professional.

Many valuable, safe trees have been injured, killed, or made unsafe by guys who have no skill in proper, specie specific pruning practices. Many contractors advertise that they are cheaper because they have no equipment and climb everything, we have incredible climbers, most of who also teach, along with all bucket trucks, cranes, chippers and grinders. Our efficiency using the right equipment for each job, makes us as reasonable in cost to any other tree company.

Be an educated consumer, get the most value for your dollar, which is not always the lowest quote. If you would like an estimate, evaluation, or just want to talk trees , give us a call.
Let us show you the professional side of arboriculture.