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  • Private Tutoring $40.00

Hello, My name is Michael Hasson.
I am a tutor that has expertise in all subjects relating to math.

My tutoring experience began in high school, tutoring fellow students. I worked as a tutor in college at the University of Kentucky. I tutored several subjects from algebra, calculus, physics to engineering classes. I enjoy helping students understand difficult subjects and experiencing the accomplishment that comes when the student succeeds.

Professionally, I am a mechanical engineer with 6 years of experience in industry. My work has been centered around controls and instruments used in all area of testing, with a specific focus on testing jet engines.

I am also a middle school boys basketball coach, with 4 years experience doing that. So I have experience interacting with a wide range of students. I am Virtus certified.

I have yet to find a math subject that I could not understand fully. I feel I am equipped to tutor basic math all the way through Calculus 4.

I am easy to work with and will put my full effort into helping you succeed as a math student in any way that I can. Whether you are looking for help yourself or your child, I have tutored students from 8 yrs old - 40 yrs old.

College Prep Entrance Tests - ACT, SAT, ect.
Scholarship Applications
Essay Writing

I also specialize in providing full service college prep. College is getting expensive and I am offering help to find you ways to pay for it. The best option for being awarded money is with high entrance exam scores. ACT, SAT, ect. I will work with the student to improve their scores to the level required by the scholarship options. Also, I will guide the student through the process of identifying and applying for several other scholarship opportunities.

My Standard Hourly Rate is $40/hr.
That rate can change depending on location, number of tutoring sessions you are planning, and the subject. I tutor at your home or a library located near you.
Typically a commitment of 5 or more 1+ hr sessions will drop to $30/hr.
Also, Individual lessons of 2+ hours will drop to $30/hr.
This rate can be discussed when you contact me.
I also offer online tutoring that would be at a lower rate.

I am not available M-F 8am - 5pm. Sessions can be setup outside of those hours depending on my schedule.