• Pool Cleaners $70.00

Granite Ridge pool service.
We put our quality at the highest priority.
Caring about you and the service we provide.

Pool cleaning:
We offer the best quality weekly pool service you can find.
Rates at: $70+chemicals $80 provide your own $90 with chems

Contact us for details

Storm cleanup:
Leaves, palms, seeds, rocks and dirt from storms can make you pool turn green quickly, which leads to costly chemicals. Clean your pool before yours turns green!
$50 clean up service.

Green pools:
Have a green pool? We can can fix that!
Specials available if you include a weekly pool service.

D.E - Sand - Catridge Filter cleaning/replacing.
Jandy valves.
Experienced and hard-working, we provide great maintenance and repairs.

We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND a annual maintenance service.
If the system goes unchecked it can effect and damage your pool equipment.
This includes a full rundown of your system and every part in it, including, the replacing of all Orings, Jandy valves, basket ect, if needed.
Available for: $95 plus parts.

Quality work, Caring people.
Only with Granite Ridge.