Relax, clean space....I've got you covered

  • House Cleaning

You ever just want to come home and throw your feet up and relax? You'll be able to relax because the work will already be DONE. Let me help you catch up. Put a cleaning on your home that sets most people ahead for about three months. You'll come home everyday and see it tidy and want to keep it that way and you'll follow suit....clean, clean, clean, nothing for you to do but relax....oh and maybe throw something in the oven for dinner but when your place is clean...even dinner dishes seem to get washed and put away quicker. Your going to love how your place looks and makes you feel. Call Renee today for a minimum 3 hour cleaning for "light n tidy" or a four hour cleaning for deeper cleans including baseboards window sills and the inside of that pesky fridge!