Reliable Plumbing Technicians

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How we price out our work:

We believe that the time-tested method of time and materials is the fairest way to compensate for our services. This method avoids the other practice of some companies that use national averages and higher profit multipliers that allow for difficulties that often don't materialize. Time and material pricing reflects only the actual time it takes and the materials used for the job. And because our techs have good work ethics, you the customer, get a reasonably priced job.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services We Perform:
Water leaks - locate & repair
Gas leaks - locate & repair
Slab leaks - locate & repair
Water headers - repair or replace
Faucets - repair or replace
Commodes - repair or replace
Garbage Disposals - replace
Sewer & Drains - unstop or repair
Sewer odors - locate and replace
Piping - repair or replace
Bathroom Remodeling - plan & execute
Pressure Testing
Backflow - equipment testing.