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Renewal Laser Clinic is exclusively dedicated to the removal of tattoos.
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Renewal Multipass available for qualifying tattoos. Up to four treatments in a single day. (Similar to R20 method)

Our technician Nick Settich have has successfully performed thousands of treatments and understands how factors such as tattoo placement, ink type and personal health influence the removal process and client experience. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your treatment goals, make reliable estimates of the quantity and length of sessions, and provide upfront pricing. Nick is a MLT (Master Laser Technician), over five years of full time expierence dedicated to laser tattoo removal.

Equipped with state of the art lasers designed for efficient full color spectrum tattoo removal. The procedure and recovery rooms are beautiful, relaxing and private. Our medical director Dr. Aaron McCabe, assures your comfort, and the highest standards every visit.

Whatever motivates your decision to remove or lighten your existing tattoos - whether it's to make space for a new tattoo, or leave it bare - our ultimate goal is that you feel great about your skin. Reclaim Your Canvas!

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