• Roofing Installation & Repair

I Greg Griffith was tought by some of the best roofer's around, I started at the biggest roofing company in Hampton rd's, I started roofing 1982 working with the brother of the owner, We would repair roofs while the other crew's installed hole roof's, Some time's I would help the other crew's out if they needed it.

Mostly I was taught repairing roof's, I worked there until the year 2000 then I started my own Roofing Business, I have been self employed ever since. What I do when some one show's me a roof leak that you have in your house, I will set my ladder on the roof, I will look at roof, I will find every thing that is damaged or done wrong, I will then go to home owner and tell them every thing I see, starting off with the immediate area, writing an estimate on the immediate area, also I will say something about the area that is out of the immediate area.

Now we can stat out repairing the immediate area, and try that or we can repair every thing that is bad, It's your choice. I have seen a roof leak travel 30 feet away. I charge by the job, I base my time at 35.00 to 45.00 an hour. If you let me do the work the estimate is free. If you don't let me do the work I would need 20.00 dollar's for coming out to look at your roof. I have a 150.00 minimum on the labor cost.

I work on Residential or Commercial Roof's, Steep or Flat
Roofing Manufacture's I have used
Duro- last, Kelly, Panisote, Trocal, Cooly, John Manville, Burk, Nordiflex, Soprema, Sarnafil, Mule-Hide, Carlisle, Versigard, Firestone, JP-Stevens, Ruberoid, Brai.

Kind of roof's
Torch down, Ballasted, Mechanically fastened, Fully Adhered, Cold Process, Hot Tar,
Single Ply membrain's and Four Ply Roof's.
Buckingham slate, Artificial slate, Asbestos slate, traditional and duch lap, Concrete tile, Ceramic tile, Cedar shakes, perfections and hand split, Metal Roofing, Aluniman, copper, steal, turn metal, stainless, and even Brass Roof's,
Standing Seam, Batton Seam Metal Roof's.

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