Rug Washing (Pre Inspection, Micro Particle Removal...)

  • Carpet Cleaning

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** Synthetic Rugs start at $1.50 a sf ** Wool Rugs start at $2.00 a sf

We specialize in hand washing the delicate fabrics found in most area rugs. We gently remove the ground in dirt and stains from all types of rugs including Persian, Woven, Oriental, Navajo, and Silk rugs. We utilize an 8-step process that returns the rugs to a like new condition, smelling fresh and brighter colors.

1. Pre Inspection
2. Micro Particle Removal
3. Dye Stability Analysis
4. Washing Process
5. Full Rinse 6. Water Extraction
7. Air Drying
8. Post Inspection

Additional options offered are a Protective Finish, Moth Deterrent, Pet Odor/ Urine Removal, and Dye Bleed Removal.