San Francisco MOBILE WINDSHIELD ROCK CHIP REPAIR. Saturday and Weekdays

  • Auto Repair Services

I do not replace windsheilds or any other auto glass.
The entirety of the damage, including all the cracks, must fit under the size of a QUARTER COIN.

No damage should be sticking out beyond the quarter coin . SOMETIMES THE DAMAGE NEEDS TO BE SMALLER depending on several factors.

Open week days and most of Saturday. I respond to calls as they come in ... no appointments.

You will still see an outline or blemish from the original damage.
Although it will look better to varying degrees, it will not disappear.
Each repair comes out differently.

One very important point concerning windshield repair is that you maintain your windshield seal. You do not have to worry about possible water leakage or air noise.

The repair will be as strong as the original windsheild.

>mobile to your vehicle
>takes about an half hour or more .. not a quick patch or plug.
>I will give you an exact price over the phone
>you can drive your vehicle immediately after I repair it
>I will not do a substandard repair (like some shops that also replace windshields)
>All I do is windshield repair for over 22 YEARS ... I WILL DO IT RIGHT.

Thank you.