Santa Claus - Santa Knows - Not your Average Santa

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Imagine if you will that you are 6 years old and Mom or Dad takes you to visit Santa. You head to the store and see Santa talking to other kids, while you patiently and anxiously await your turn.

Finally, the kid in front of you leaves, Santa turns, looks you right in the eye and says "It's your turn, Michael!". He Knows Your NAME! You go up and sit next to him and he'll ask you how you liked the bicycle that you got last year. You'll chat with him a bit, and he'll ask you about how much trouble you're having in math, ask you if you fed your dog "Quincy" this morning, and maybe even ask you to help Mom pick up the house a little more, without her having to tell you a second time.

This Santa KNOWS!
Elves, Santa and An Interactive Experience for your child!*
Or just have a personal visit from Santa himself.**

*"Corporate" Package: Rate $300 for the first two hours (minimum), $100 for each additional hour. Includes Santa, Two Elves, a Puppy-Elf named Jezzi (if available, she naps a lot), & The Elf-A-Matic 9000 GPS Tracker (To ensure proper tracking of packages.). Requires 10' x 10' area, electrical power & 1 hour set-up time.

**Solo Santa Package: $100 per hour (1 hour minimum.). Santa comes to you anywhere in the Greater Tucson Area. (Cookies and Hot Chocolate not required, but appreciated.) "Real Beard" Option Available.

Pet Friendly.
Available after December 1, 2015.
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