• Motorcycle Repair $180.00

SCOOTER RENTALS FOR DMV! Taking the DMV Motorcycle Class costs more and takes longer to get your license! I will show you tips and you will pass that same day!!I meet you with scooter, registration and insurance at the DMV of your choice. (If I am not already scheduled).

Contact Me Now to Get Your License Next Week!

I charge $180 for you to use the scooter during the dmv test at the DMV Fell Street location.


! I will help you with tips on how to pass and also help you schedule your appointment to get the soonest date. (The DMV can sometimes make you wait 3-8 weeks for an appointment in your area). $45 Oakland Coliseum $60 Vallejo $60 Santa Clara $75 San Jose $45 Novato $45 Daly City $75 Los Gatos $45 San Mateo $75 Redwood City $100 Sacramento