Scott's Precision Mobile Detailing / wash and vacuum

  • Car Wash $30.00

Scott's has a "winter trailer" that has 240 degree diesel generated water so we can go all year round, even thru even the toughest of weather, as well as a summer trailer with cold water. If you need the snow and ice washed off, we can take care of you. Winter is gone, have you had your car detailed to remove salt, dirt, etc, does your car need a good coat of wax to protect against all the salt that Okla. street crews put on, rain.

We know you can take your car anywhere to have it cleaned. The difference is, we come to you so you can continue to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, at home or work. When time is so valuable these days, it really makes sense to use my service that comes to you so you can stay productive. I do the work personally, so no poorly paid employee's that are not concerned about the quality of the work because its not thier name that is going on the product. This is what I do for a living, and I'm not satisfied until you are because word of mouth is everything! I have been working with cars for over 28 years and have the experience to tackle just about any cleaning that is needed. I have two trailers that both have thier own water and electric supply, so I need nothing when onsite other than your auto and a place to work. I try not to have to move any auto I'm working with, but sometimes due to parking lots, etc, I have to move them a short distance to a open place to work.

I can do everything from a wash and vacuum, which consists of wiping down dash, steering wheel and column, cleaning wheels and shining tires, cleaning windows inside and out, starting at $30 cars, $40 for trucks and SUV's, to a full details starting at $95 for 2dr small cars(pricing depends on car size and interior soilage). I clean everything from motorcycles, Sea Doo's, autos, trucks, RV's, and most anything that that has paint and moves.