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My name's Dustin, owner of Discover Security & Surveillance, established in 2013. I've been in the security industry for 11 years and specialize in surveillance systems and alarms for homes and businesses around Stockton/Modesto.

Equipment in the security industry, especially surveillance systems, can be quite daunting to figure out. With about 5 major factors affecting the overall quality of a camera, different lenses and camera types for each application, and the IT networking knowledge needed, you've almost gotta be a mad scientist to provide a good, professional system. ...A few years experience helps too.

Anyway, I'll answer any questions you may have by call pretty much anytime. I can custom quote your home or business with an entry-level HD system, or with high-end IP cameras with audio recording, video analytics, etc. I'm licensed, insured, do great, reliable work, and I warranty my equipment for 2 years. And yes, of course, every system we install does remote viewing from your phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

Call with any questions, and I can stop by for a free site survey if you like.