• Drawing Lessons

Established in 2000, the Yan family art school has worked with students of all ages and see their ability improve. Art is a form of self expression. Everybody has the desire to express, thus there’s an artist in everyone. We are simply here to help discover your language of art and help you learn various tools to achieve your pursuit of self expression.

Small Group/Private Art Classes
Openings available for small group art classes! Students get individual attention from a very experienced and talented art instructor and artist, who tailors the course material to the age and characteristics of each student. Bilingual (fluent Mandarin Chinese and English) instructions available.

Course Material:
Introductory to advanced drawing, sketching, watercolor, pastel and oil painting. Creative drawing for children, cartoon and comic style illustration, design and digital art production.

Age Range:
Open to all age ranges from young children (4+) to adults.

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