• Interior Designer $150.00

Sometimes the most effective decorating strategy for your home is to rethink what you already own instead of buying more furniture and accessories. This philosophy is called "redesign". Joetta Moulden has styled hundreds of rooms all over the country for major decorating magazines. Her expertise is letting your style come through on your budget.

Joetta's clients are the first to sing her praises. Equally at ease styling traditional, contemporary or country environments, Joetta's extraordinary talent is making an ordinary room picture- perfect by skillful rearrangements and the introduction of a few new elements utilizing the art of interior redesign.

At Shelterstyle, Joetta believes your furniture, your paintings, your accessories and the family treasures and pieces you've collected through the years are a reflection of your personality and can be artfully redesigned to bring fresh life to old rooms. What makes her unique? Thirty-plus years as a photo stylist and interior redesigner, and her skill at putting your personal style in its best light.