• Spanish Lessons

If you're bored to death of Spanish grammar & ready to throw your textbook out the window, go right ahead...and then give us a call!

Pura Buena Onda focuses on the practical, hands-on aspect of learning a language, through speaking and listening. Our goal is to help you develop, maintain and improve your conversation skills, in a fun, relaxed, un-intimidating environment.

We offer 6 different levels (from Advanced Beginner all the way to Fluent), in small group classes (6 or less). We're located in the heart of North Park (2 hours of free parking in our lot) and focus on teaching adults (18+). We offer morning, afternoon & evening classes, 90 minutes each, all taught by native Spanish speakers. Our classes are on-going and year-round.

Please note: A level assessment is required to ensure proper level placement.
We look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your Spanish :)