Air Duct Cleaning Houston. Express Home Experts

  • Air Duct Cleaning $74.00

Professional air duct cleaning is essential to have a safe, clean home environment. At Service Express Home Experts, we professionally and thoroughly clean your air duct by using industrial strength machines with a high speed rotating brush and high powered suction vacuum to pull out and remove dirt, soot, mildew, and various other debris that can accumulate in your home. Such contaminants are dangerous for your home and health, especially around children and the elderly. You want to ensure the air quality you breathe in your lungs is clean, fresh, and free from toxins.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our services, professionalism, and quality of work!

Why clean your air ducts?

To restore the home after fire or water damage
To reduce the possibility of a home fire
To lower energy costs
To eliminate allergy-causing agents
To breathe cleaner, healthier air
To eliminate musty odors
To save money on future repairs to the system
To eliminate the amount of dust in the home