PerForm Studio - Zumba Fitness Class and more!

  • Dancing Lessons $90.00

Per Form Studio promotes healthy and fun lifestyle with fitness and dance classes.

Located in Doral Area, we provide a space for people to relax thru dancing and movement. We offer Zumba Fitness Class, Zumba Toning, Pilates Class and Boss Chick Dance Workout.

Established in 2011, Per Form Studio is my dream come true. I wanted for so long to be an entrepreneur and in the other hand, love dancing! Forced to leave the corporate world was the kick I needed to open my own studio, grow my Zumba Class and give the opportunity to other instructors to teach dancing with their own flavor.

We want students to leave their shyness at home, come to have fun, burn calories, meet awesome people and share the best time with friends. $90 per month