We do waterpumps, tuneups, brakes, alternators, starter FOR LESS !

  • Auto Repair Services

We do oil changes, waterpumps, tuneups, brakes, alternators, starters, belt/pulley replacement, air/fuel filter replacement, u-joints on drivelines, balljoints, tie-rod ends, cv axles, wheel bearings and can CHECK YOUR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, ABS LIGHT, why its on... repair the part that is bad and turn the light out!

I can do jobs at half the price of dealerships and expensive repair shops, that will SAVE you $$$ and keep it in your pocket!

If you have any questions about Name Your own repair price please give me a call.

* We accept Cash / Credit Cards
* We are Located at 768 Rose Ave ,Columbus,Ohio,43219 ( 7 Mints from Down Town Columbus)
* We Garuntee all work and if anything goes wrong within 90 days we will fix it.