The Human Form. Holistic Fitness Services & Memberships

  • Personal Trainers $219.00

At The Human Form Fitness you can achieve results simply not possible in conventional health clubs.

The HFF Assessment is the critical first step in customizing your health, fitness and/or performance enhancement plan. This comprehensive analysis enables us to prescribe the exact exercises and lifestyle "Re-Designs" to reach your goals.

If your health and fitness coaches aren't assessing, they're guessing. We do not guess. We guarantee your success.

Through our HFF assessment and Fitness Level Ranking System, our Coaches are able to customize each exercise to fit the current status of each member, even within a group of up to six members.

This creates a true "personal training" experience, with the added benefits of the camaraderie and energy of small group training.

2 x Week + 1 Team Training/week:
$229/month (6-months) – Average $17.61 per workout
$219/month (12-months) – Average $16.84 per workout