• Piano Tuning

Here at The Immortal Piano Company, we have a profound love for the piano.
People wonder about piano restoration for their inherited old upright piano. The young mother wants to buy a used piano for the kids. Well-versed pianists need to find a piano restorer for their Steinway vintage piano. Institutions approach us for advice of what to do with a donated ”old” or “antique” piano.

How do we advise our clients? It is a sad fact that, as time passes, increasing numbers of traditional older pianos are being discarded and destroyed. Most people mistakenly believe that buying a new piano or digital keyboard is the only alternative once their much-loved instrument starts showing its age. While it is true that many of the old relics are not cost-effective to fix, a quality vintage piano that has lived its life well can be returned to a condition that exceeds that of a comparably priced new piano.

This is the MINIMUM of what we do to a turn of the century piano:

Action Reconditioning
Tighten sticker, wippen and hammer flange screws
Resurface hammers
Find and repair broken action parts
Re-pin loose or tight flange pins
Replace bridle straps
Replace sticker felt
Retention damper springs
Teflon hammer butt leather

Regulation / Action Reconditioning:

Set hammer rest rail
Lost motion regulation
Level and dip keys and change needed underkey felt
Backcheck regulation
Regulate let-off
Tighten pedal screws
Lube pedal rods
Refelt pedals
Touch up damper regulation

Various tasks:

Clean tuning pins, strings
Vacuum inside & back side of piano
Blow out action with compressed air
Clean keys
Glue down loose ivories
Replace missing ivory with matching vintage ivory
If keyboard has more than 15 ivories missing then replace the ivory veneer with plastics.
Fill chipped ivory with matching acrylic
Clean case
Replace rubber buttons
Replace nameboard felt