• Babysitting

Book your sitter today! When parents leave their children with a babysitter, they must be able to trust the babysitter to look after their children's health and safety and to treat the children appropriately. The DMV area does not require private babysitters to get licenses or to get certified in child care; thus, parents should consider a particular babysitter's qualifications and merits carefully before agreeing to allow her to watch their children.

We are an LLC and not a daycare center. All sitters are independent contractors and have been vetted by The Educated Babysitter LLC. We do not give out babysitter's personal info (resumes, background checks) to clients. If a sitter transports your child, it is the sitters' and your responsibility to make sure adequate car insurance and guidelines are in place. It is not the responsibility of The Educated Babysitter to regulate sitters transporting children.