$45 Remote Access Repairs, Virus Removal, Malware/Spyware Removal

  • Virus Removal $45.00

Remote access cleanings & repairs only $45.
You don't have to take your computer any where, just allow me to connect remotely through a secure program & watch as I get your system back up & running as smooth as it was when your first bought it or even quicker.

Does your computer you have a virus that needs removing?
Does your computer just need a good cleaning out because it's cluttered with junk, malware or spyware?
Is your computer running slow and needs to be optimized?

You won't have any lengthy waiting periods, most issues resolved the same day & you will be back up & running in no time at all.

My rate is a flat rate of $45.
If i can't fix it there is NO charge at all.
This flat rate is per pc. Any additional pc's are $25 per.
Paypal is my preferred payment.

List of things i will do for $45 & you will get all of the following done on your pc for $45.

Remove Virus's
Remove Malware
Remove Spyware
Fix any errors
Backup files
Transfer files
Install Free for lifetime antivirus programs
Install Free for lifetime anti-malware & anti-spyware programs
Install registry cleaner & optimize your pc
Download & install all Microsoft updates for your computer.

Doing most of the above will get your computer running fast & back to normal like you remember it when you first bought it. Call me anytime!