Slots open for Braids, Sew In, Twist, Makeup...

  • Hair Stylist $50.00

*Fast Braider*Neat, Beautiful Work*Worked With All Hair Types*Can Even Grip Short Hair*Free Consultation Included*I Do Men, Women & Children Hair*I Fix Bad Hairstyles*I Also Work With Hair Loss Clients:)

*Availability: Monday-Sunday, I Start Early At 6am, Same Day Appointments Available:)

*Cornrows $30.00 & up ($20.00 & up kids) (1-4pks)
*Natural Hair Updos $40.00
*Jumbo/Havana Twists $100.00($85.00 kids) (10-12pks)
*Kinky Twists $130.00($100.00 kids) (6-8pks)
*Senegalese Twists $150.00($120.00 kids) (6-8pks)
*Poetic Justice Box Braids $100.00($85.00 kids) (10-12pks)
*Box Braids $120.00($85.00 kids) (8-12pks)
*Pixie Braids $100.00($85.00 kids) (4-8pks)
*Comb Twists $60.00($50.00 kids)
*Dread Retwist $50.00(style add: $10)
*Quick Weave $50.00 (2-3pks)
*Sew-In $75.00 (2-3pks or 2-4 bundles)
*Bun Style w/Weave $50.00 (bang: add $5)
*Ponytail Style w/Weave $40.00 (bang: add $5)
*Braid Touch-Up $15.00-$35.00
*Weave Touch-Up $15.00
*Braid/Weave Removal $10.00

Give Me A Try, You Will Be Satisfied:)
Thank You & Have A Blessed Day:)